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 My first contact with the FOWM, Ghana was in February, 2003 when I had just relocated here. Since then, my life has been a bundle of testimonies. I will share the latest one.
I am a medical doctor and have been trying to pass the membership examination for the past year. I had two unsuccessful attempt and was contemplating doing it a third time. In the natural there was nothing that showed that I would have a better outcome this time around. I was barely having enough time to study and with the fact that I was pregnant.

The exams tend to be very grueling and required a great deal of mental, emotional and physical stamina which I did not feel I had. But in spite of it all, I knew God wanted me to do them because I had no peace when I thought of backing out. So I went ahead and registered for it feeling very inadequate all the way. I wrote the first part of the examination after much encouragement from the Pastors and my husband. Coming from a background filled with negativity did not help matters. I did eventually pass the first part as usual but my name was mistakenly omitted from the pass list! It took much encouragement in the word of God to get me to go on to do the second part. I also thank the Lord for the series Pastor was teaching in church about dealing with strongholds. To the glory of God, I not only passed but had the best result in the whole of West  Africa in a particular segment which was my greatest challenge in time pass.

This is a reflection of the spirit of excellence present in the house. My life is being transformed on a daily basis and I am being taught to re-configure my mind with the word of God. I thank God for using this ministry mightily to do a great work in my life...Dr. Juliana Ahmeh (Ghana)

I want to testify today only to God's glory. I was born in South Africa many years ago. I traveled out of my country for some time, when I retured, I met with a very close friend of mine whose wife just got a job in the United Kingdom. My pastor friend traveled to see his wife sometimes this year and updated me about his spritual life. He told me his wife attends a ministry in the United Kingdom and would like me to go through the materials of the ministry. Honestly, when I glance through one of the materials, I wasn't moved seeing that the author is a Nigerian minister. My pastor friend however gave me some more materials including a DVD titled "Breaking Generational Curses". As I drove back home, I listened to the DVD, it was like the experience betwen Mary and Elizabeth in Luke 1:41-41. I called my pastor friend immediately and asked him vehemently; who is this man? I asked for more materials and later knew about Ingathering 2007. I asked God what he wants me to do? The spirit of God layed it in my heart to connect with the ministry as it will lead me to my destiny. I boldly declare my submision to this ministry. thank you sir...Pastor Sipo (South Africa)

 I met Rev. Kola Ewuosho in 2003. He facilitated a leadership meeting and the impartation was tremendous.
I was so greatly Impacted. I chose to submit to his leadership and since that time, my scope of life and ministry has taken a new and higher dimension. Till this moment, I have been using his materials (tapes and books) to reach out to people.
The results have been outstanding. I thank God i met Rev. kola.
Praise God!...Isaac Dako (Kano)

My meeting point with Rev. Kola was through one of his tapes. This is far back in 1991. He came to preach at the University of Benin-Nigeria. Although i didn't have the oportunity to attend the programme, but a friend bought the tape and gave it to me. The title of the message is "The Authority of the Believer". The message touched me that Icouldn't but asked who the preacher was. I could only reach him through the contact on the tape. I can never forget the very important role he played during the birth of my own ministry. He has since then been pastoring and mentoring my ministry to God"s glory...Pastor Roland (Port-Harcourt)

In the late 80's, I was doing ministry work in Kano. Basically winning souls and enjoying my serrvice to God. On a new year eve, my boss said the next phase of the ministry was church planting. The shock made me seek God's face. God directed me to Rev. Kola to understudy him and church administration. I thank God I yeilded to that instruction because it made ministry worksince then. All his instructions and teachings have been my watch word. I testify today that none of them has failed me till today...Pastor Greg (Port-Hacourt) 
I listened to Rev Kola's messege about "The Grasshopper Complex at one of the stations in Abuja and it really helped me to go for something I have been afraid to do for over a year. It was a big success.
Praise be to God...Nigeria

I cannot explain the amount of internal work that i have gone through while in the Fountaian of Wisdom ministries UK bible school. My call for ministry is activated, and God has shown me many area of my life which i should correct. The first trimester of the Bible school equipped me to go to my country with a vision for souls getting saved...India

Thank you for the "unlocking your Destiny Conference". The meetings were life changing to my spiritual life and since I attended, my ministry has never remained the same. Thank you for the impartation...Kenya

I had a mental relationship with God for many years, but it was life-less and self-centred. I lived in sin and drank heavily, searching for a life i did not know I could have in God. Even before stepping foot inside Harvestime church, (FOWM), I just in the car park outside, I had my first encounter with the Holy Spirit. God delivered me from alcohol and smoking addiction. The teaching and impartation i am recieving is challenging me to rise up and be all that He has called me to be...Malta

 I was a christian while I was in Nigeria, but since coming here, I have been finding it hard to maintain my spiritual stand; I sometimes have some strange things coming to press me in bed while i am sleeping. This has been my state untill I stumble over Rev. Kola's C.D. I saw it with a fellow student that came from Cairo, Egypt. He said that a friend gave it to him while he was there. Need i tell you how inspiring and soul-lifting that message was to me.There and then I decided that i have to listen to more of you messages. Thanks and God bless you...Belarusian State

Aproximately two weeks ago, my husband and I and our little girl were on our way home from work.We had been on the road for a while, gone through some major intersections, gone up and down a couple of bumps on the road. Suddenly, we heard this funny noise so my husband parked by the side of the road. He got down, went round the car not knowing exactly what he was looking for, he got back in the car and the moment the car started moving again we realised that the strange sound was coming from the left front tyre. We got out of the car, I heald the flash light while my husband pried off the wheel cover, to our dismay, we saw that all the nuts were un-screwed and the tyres was loose. We brought out our our wheel spanner, tied all the nuts, got back in our car and headed home. This is just one out of the many things God has taken us through in this short while of owning our own car. praise Jesus... The Akinliyi's (Abuja)

1)Iaccepted the Lord as an undegraduate student in 1982. Since then the Lord has been so good to me.I met Rev & Rev.(Mrs.)Kola Ewuosho when I visited my wife at the United Kingdom. Although she brings home several materials of ministry whenever she comes to South Africa. I had never taken time to go through this materials until I came in contact with the Rev & Rev.(Mrs.)Kola Ewuosho. After meeting with them and going through the materials, something was stead in my heart that I need to move faster than I was doing in the Kingdom. I went through the websites and more materials and my entire life was changed.
2)While preparing to attend Ingathering 2007, there was a delay in issuing visa to myself and two other Pastors
who planned to attend the meeting. We had previously determined to wait for our visas but it didn't come. This went on and on untill few days to Ingathering. We later made up our minds to buy our tickets notwithstanding. As we approached the international airport in Johannesburg, we were made to understand that the entire visa process into Nigeria had been reviewed, hence the visa may take more time to be processed. We however were determined to travel with or without this delay and approached the airport to board our flight. The officials asked for our documents, we had nothing to present except our Identity cards. Just about when we started weighing our luggages, a call came in that someone was outside the airport with our visas. That was a miracle, praise God...Pastor Sisibusi (South Africa)
 It all started on Easter Monday, I had traveled to the village over the weekend and gotten back on Sunday night at about 9pm. As soon as I opened my eyes on Monday morning, the Lord told me he wanted me to wait upon him and pray in the spirit. I pulled out a chair, sat down and began to pray in the spirit, I did that till 12pm and then I stopped. After cleaning I went in to have my bath but I noticed that the bowl for scooping water kept on dropping from my hand. I thought it was because I was being careless, I also notice saliva was dripping from the corner of my mouth.
Approximately three months before this time, God impressed it upon my heart to listen continuously to healing scriptures on tape of Rev. Kola and I did. I had it playing all the time, morning and night. When this happened I started speaking to my body that I was healed. Later that night, I blew my nose and felt a terrible sharp pain go through the left side of my head. The pain was excruciating and this worried me, because I had not had a headache in years.
I prayed and broke bread [Holy Communion], I spoke Gods’ word to the pain, started playing the tape of healing scriptures and I was able to sleep.
The next day, I told my pastor I needed him to pray for me because of the intensity of the pain in my head. He prayed and I felt a lot better. But he told me to go and see a doctor because whatever this thing was, it was affecting the left part of my body.
I went to see the doctor and was told I had partial paralysis. The doctor referred me to a neurologist. I saw him and was told I had had a stroke. As soon as I heard this I sent a text message to my pastor to pray for me. I had no fear in my heart through it all. The healing scriptures I had been listening to had built faith in my heart. I did the M.R.I scan. The doctor said I had blood in my brain. I continued listening to the healing scriptures and speaking Gods’ word. The pastors, and the church were praying and so were friends.
In a very short period of time I got my healing and was made whole. Praise the lord...Remi Ogunbe (Abuja)