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Wisdom School of Ministry is an institution of the
Foundation of Wisdom Ministries born out of a revelation to see the members of the body of Christ trained and equipped with useful tools which will develop the character of Christ in them and enhance their effectiveness in the ministry.

Presently, Wisdom School of ministry runs a one year programme in ministerial training. Apart from that, the school also organizes other trainings and annual conferences, and this is to help minister to the body of Christ in different areas of their walk with God.

As a ministry we have realized what God has called us to do in the body of Christ and as such are keen of extending the training to other churches that require training for their members. The school will from time to time organize mobile sessions to various centres within the country/region inorder to make it convenient for students who are out of Eldoret.

Underlisted are some of the courses that students are usually taken through:

1.Foundation Course
Foundation series
Apostolic Foundation

2.Maturity Course
The cross the place of exchange
The art of prayer and worship
Understanding the Pauline epistles

3.Manifestation Course
Leadership lessons in building healthy relationships
How to minister and get results

The following teaching tools are employed during our training sessions thus: video session, students interactive session, students course books and additional relevant CdS.
This course will help you realize and lay a proper apostolic/prophetic foundation for your life and ministry.   
We are sure that your members will have greater testimonies at the end of their training.
If you are interested in the above programme, please respond by writing to

EMAIL US VIA office@ke.fowm.org